Mar 17

Glasses on Google conflict from human instinct?


I have a theory : When new technologies emerge , some people will take the lead to start using it , while others always see the worst side of it , they would despise , reject and make fun of people who start using these technologies . However , after the initial encounter resistance, the new technology will eventually become mainstream, the initial fears and misconceptions that people gradually disappeared.
I was Dean at the turn of the century – when Carmen (Dean Kamen) invention powered Segway scooters noticed this phenomenon. You may remember the case of this scooter just listed . People dismissively called gimmick. I remember we had a lively discussion of this produce . I think it was cool, but most people think it is useless , or look silly.
Although the Segway was never widely used, but it finds its own arena tour in the city and other areas .
Today, we see people around Google glasses exhibit a similar degree of fear and disgust. People wearable computer for this news release there is a feeling of resentment from the bottom of my heart , they tend to think it is the worst side – it may become perverted and spy tools for videotaping us. We never worried about being someone with a smart phone camera . But for something on the nose of the aircraft , our views had changed .
After Google announced the news of glasses , a bar in Seattle immediately prohibit the use of it . Soon , glasshole become a popular term , dedicated to despise those early wearer posturing .
Instinctive resentment
Last week at the SXSW conference, Carmen said , this initial boycott emotions belong to human nature, there will always be a natural fear of the unknown . “Almost everyone is reluctant to change anything , no matter what you learned as a child , you want to keep it forever .” He said.
Carmen said , people tend to lack imagination, can not see the use of new technologies . ” People today tend to be curious to Google what is the use of glasses .” He pointed out that people 30 years ago with the advent of personal computers the same reaction . They do not know why individuals need a computer . They think it is just the thing to give military or corporate use. Of course , as time goes on , we are beginning to use the computer, and now we can not imagine life without computers .
Conference held at SXSW “Glasshole: technical and cultural dissonance ” (Glassholes: The Cultural Dissonance of Technology) thematic meeting, the experts dig Glasshole reasons behind the phenomenon , explored in the end is what makes people not yet seen – let alone use – would be rejected before the rush to new technology .
Patrick’s Deeplocal ‘s senior creative director – Miller (Patrick Miller) said that despite the popularity of smart phones as we have been accustomed to being photographed , but we also take the initiative to share most of our lives in the mobile and social networking tools, but when we see Google glasses , we responded this instinct .
” Wearable computer obliterate our ability to control it .” Miller said.
Curiosity remains
However, although people have this kind of resistance, but they are still with great curiosity. A friend has a Google glasses , said he liked wearing it for video interviews venture company boss , because it does not put a recording device in between him and the interviewer will be able to easily record video. And, at the end of the interview , he was able to easily upload your videos to YouTube. However , whenever he wears glasses Google interview , the interviewee want to try it. It certainly scared them, but they also full of curiosity .
Google senior developer in charge of Timothy – Jordan (Timothy Jordan) are SXSW Glasshole thematic conference speech. His attitude to look at this issue significantly different . He emphasized the wearing Google glasses convenience, but he also said that Google realized it is necessary to discuss how to apply such a device in real life . This is the reason why the Google start Explorers project.
” Many of you know that we have introduced the Explorers program .” Jordan explains, ” The reason we launched this program is to lead this discussion. Technique gives you more options , but how you use it to your things we do not want to let this discussion only happen in people’s hearts , we want people to openly discuss . ”
But Miller was not impressed , he said things are not always so simple. “Our choice of how we can use these devices, but people have been shot no choice .” He said.
Jordan acknowledged , discussed Google glasses privacy implications of new equipment is necessary and beneficial. ” Privacy is an important topic , but it is difficult to give the only correct answer , we all live in different communities , with different non-standard .” He explained.
Normative standard technologies
Last week, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling, without the consent of the woman , using a mobile phone to shoot their Upskirt not illegal , because there is no law prohibiting the practice. The court did not sanction such behavior to be , but there is no case law to admit that they can not judge the person guilty of videotaping . In ruling out a few days , the legislature drafted a bill immediately , and sent the governor , waiting for him to sign into effect .
Over time , Google glasses are completely the same situation may occur . We have entered into a social and legal standards, norms of how people use them.
As Carmen said, how clever use of technology , it is up to us to decide. “Technology makes it easier innovation. Memory is free, broadband is free. Many revolutionary innovations that they can instead be innovative . Opportunity to make real change we are losing .”
Google glasses may represent a real opportunity for change . However, when I try find it has not been accepted by all , privacy issues are still not around past the ridge. In the technology to us galloping time, as a social group , we must develop new standards to regulate their use. Whether Carmen Segway scooter , iPhone, Google Glasses , 3D printer , or any other new technology , should be so .
In any case , one thing is clear: For Google glasses , we are only a starting point “technology acceptance cycle” . However, considering the many SXSW Conference meetings around Google glasses , I’m sure we ‘ll see more people to use it.
At that time, we will definitely forget the various discussions that we conducted in early around these devices – we have been the case.