Jan 22

Humin: Contacts application can become more intelligent?


What often makes you crazy phone product is ? How many people the answer would be ” contacts ” ?
Want to find a contact person , often along the first letter of the last name of the directory where the long drag back and forth . Want to search but have forgotten the name of that person , or can not remember when added into the address book in the end using a nickname or real name.
Humin hopes to become a smarter allow iPhone users to manage their address book applications. Of course , the products it wants to achieve this goal have been a lot , but no real winners .
According Humin co-founder and CEO Ankur Jain ‘s idea , he hopes that this product can according to the user ‘s understanding of the relationships to organize their address book.
The contacts are generally alphabetical order by last name first to arrange contacts, but normal users to contact the understanding that where they work , what they are and my relationship is , how well his long , what are my friends know him more. Humin want to follow these elements to allow users to find the person you want to contact .
As the product is still in beta , so it can not provide first-hand experience. But foreign technology media TheNextWeb got the invitation places for the specific use of Humin process .