Feb 15

WP overtake iOS? Faster growth in emerging market share


Market research firm IDC recently released data show that , Windows Phone market share despite the third largest in the world , but there are still a large gap between the top two away , but , Windows Phone has been a continuation of the upward momentum. Particularly in the Brazilian market , Windows Phone share of rapid growth and now accounts for 6 percent , exceeding the iOS in the Brazilian market share of 4.7% .
In addition to the Brazilian market , Windows Phone share in Vietnam and other emerging markets are also strong growth , but it is worth mentioning that the entire Western Hemisphere markets, Brazil is the fastest growing Windows Phone market share .
IDC recently published a report of the mobile operating system market share in the fourth quarter of 2013 and the agency then the year. The report shows that throughout 2013 , Android, iOS and Windows Phone continue to rise overall , global shipments of these systems also continue to increase substantially. The report shows , Android continues topping the list in global share , iOS is in second place, while Windows Phone While in third place , but the specific terms of the share between the top two and there is still a huge gap .
According to IDC , in 2013 third quarter , Windows Phone shipments grew by 156% in the fourth quarter of the year grew by 46% year on year , more than 40% and 6.7% iOS for Android ‘s . Throughout the whole year 2013 among Windows Phone shipments reached 33.4 million , the annual growth rate of 91%. However, despite the Windows Phone shipments increased significantly last year , but in the global market share was only 3.3% , which is the dominant Android share of 78.6% compared to the gap still exists too . In addition , iOS shipments last year also continued to increase last year, an increase of about 13 %, but never in the global market share of 18.7% in 2012 down to 15.2%.
Meanwhile , IDC ‘s report also pointed out that the current situation is still poor Blackberry , must recognize the new market realities problem. Throughout 2013 , BlackBerry shipments declined by 40% , while the global market share slipped from 2012 is 4.5% to 1.9 %. In addition , shipments of other systems , whether from a specific quantity or in terms of market share , has emerged as a significant slowdown .
Overall, according to IDC , in 2013 the global smart phone shipments exceeded one billion , an increase of 39 % compared to 2012 .