Apr 02

iOS 8 may be a long way: equipped Healthbook health applications


Last year, Apple introduced the iOS 7 system , brought tremendous changes the polarization of evaluation , but it is still leading the “flattening ” and design trends . Previously, an upgraded version of iOS 7.1 officially launched , fixes some problems. Based on past experience , after iOS 7.1 version will not have much change , so it is really worth looking forward to iOS 8.
With Apple’s WWDC Conference approaching , more and more information began to flow iOS 8 , is likely to be officially released in June this year and is listed along with the new iPhone in September . Here , take a look at the information currently known iOS 8 .
Healthbook health applications

Recently, foreign media 9to5Mac iOS system leaked a lot of shots , most likely iOS beta version 8 . The most significant change is to add a new application called “Healthbook” can achieve a rich motion monitoring functions. According to the screenshots , Healthbook able to monitor the user’s physical activity , heart rate, hydration levels, blood pressure and even the glycemic index , is clearly more powerful than other similar applications .
However , iPhone 5s only built M7 campaign co-processor , that is to achieve a common sport monitoring function is no problem , but can not be achieved heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose measurement. So, does that mean that the new iPhone will be equipped with new sensors , or through some kind of accessories to achieve it ? Yet unknown.
Apple Maps enhancements

Apple iOS 6 maps along with the launch , but are unable to function and reputation and Google ( microblogging ) map compared . In iOS 7 , the functionality and accuracy of the maps has been strengthened Apple , and is expected to become better in the iOS 8 . According to informed sources , Apple plans to join the train, subway and bus information in the map , the range starting with major U.S. cities , and gradually expand to the world’s major countries and regions. In addition, the station is expected to add a new point of interest content around the airport.
It is reported that Apple’s map interface experience will also be enhanced , Apple is likely to join an augmented reality feature, you can see the point of interest through the camera viewfinder iOS device, but is temporarily unable to determine whether there will be in the iOS 8 .
Open Siri Interface

Siri is one of Apple’s high hopes for the function, but in fact, the overall development is not satisfactory . In order to change this situation, Apple iOS 8 or will open in the Siri interface, compatible with more third-party applications , to achieve a richer form of application . In addition, there are rumors that Siri may have context-aware features, according to some of the actions the user can automatically run specific applications, such as motion detection to automatically open when running the application , to become a true “smart assistant .”
iTunes Radio became an independent application
It is reported , iTunes Radio service in iOS 8 is likely to appear alone applications , and support for more countries and regions.
Text editing and preview application

Although the iOS interface 8 looks did not change much , but it will add a variety of new applications . In addition Healthbook, will be built operating skills (Tips) and the new text editing application . These applications appear to be transplanted from OS X, a text editor like Notepad , equivalent supplementary memorandum ; while there may be a preview application allows users to more easily view any document files stored in the iCloud .
Other small changes
Obviously , iOS 8 will have some small change. According to sources , the notification center iOS 8 will become more simple and intuitive , and provides features such as automatic deletion notice . Further, in order to better use the wireless function CarPlay also after removal of the interface Lightning mandatory . The new API will be added to better share data and vehicle platforms .
Meanwhile, Apple iOS 8 will also be some ” pruning ” , it is possible to remove Game Center features, but integrated directly into the bottom of the system , game developers will join Game Center option in the menu.
We look forward to iOS 8 of
In addition to some leaked screenshots and information 9to5Mac , iOS 8 we also want to have more changes , mainly in the following ten areas :
1 . Hide application functionality
Although Apple provides a ” restricted access ” function, but it does not support all applications. We hope Apple can provide a more convenient hiding application functionality , rather than through the “Bug” to achieve.
2 guest accounts
A feature of the mobile platform to the desktop platform should learn is to add “guest account ” function. We hope iOS 8 can provide multi-account feature that allows multiple users to more easily use a device to check their own applications and content , especially for the iPad such products.
3 . Better application management mechanism
Apple added in iOS 7 apply automatic update feature to achieve a more convenient user experience . However, we hope that Apple add more independent options , such as adding cloud capabilities , providing the use of data recovery when you reinstall the application .
4 more built-in applications
iOS devices are usually not a lot of built-in applications pre-installed , the function is relatively simple, but we expect some applications emerge with a stronger and better . According to the previous exposure information , the new document applications , health applications is worth the wait.
5 . Better document management
Obviously , iOS lacks a centralized document access functions , whether it is local or iCloud document. Preview previously described should should allow us to easily access device iWork, PDF documents.
6. Facetime group chat features
Facetime Apple ecosystem now has a very useful feature , but the downside is not yet supported group chat , conferencing capabilities , so we hope iOS 8 can be achieved .
7 is similar to OS X Mavericks notification experience
In OS X Mavericks , we can not reply directly notification information , rather than start the application , so if you can experience in iOS 8 , and will significantly enhance operational efficiency.
8 anti- disturb function
In iOS 7 , we can only set the Do Not Disturb period of time , rather than a comprehensive anti- disturb feature. Obviously , without a time limit , a simple anti- disturb option can help us.
9 Better text manipulation
iOS copy , paste and other functions have been around for a while , and we look forward to better operating form and experience appear.
10. The same screen display two applications
Obviously, the new iPhone this year is likely to carry a larger screen size , we believe that a display mode of the two applications is essential with the screen , like the Samsung Galaxy as the operation of the iPad also makes sense