Mar 06

Google is helping entrepreneurs to flee Korea Kakao platform


Korean communications applications KakaoTalk has become the most important platform for local mobile game distribution fields. But Google ( microblogging ) , but considering how the local game developers no longer rely on KakaoTalk.
Given South Korea has been a national obsession with brand shopping . Therefore , Google has recently expressed its willingness to provide their own support for the Korean brand promising mobile application developers to enhance their influence in the highly competitive South Korean market.
South Korean mobile applications for smaller developers to the dominant national competitors – such as Kakao, Line, Naver and SK Telecom – competition is not an easy task. The South Korean company relies on its impressive brand influence to achieve the best revenue.
In order to avoid obstacles such as Kakao, Korean mobile start-up companies are eager to find new ways to expand their businesses. As a powerful application platform , Kakao in cooperation and other applications will get 21% of the mobile application market revenue . In addition, Google and mobile operators through the application store for mobile applications market in Korea 30 percent of revenue.
In this case , the smaller application developers is difficult to attract attention , even if they get a certain degree of success , and its popularity is also often does not translate into strong income because a large part of which has been sucked gone.
How Google change all this ?
Kakao exploit in order to counter the so-called “Kakao tax”, Google is providing support to the Korean brand mobile application developers. Google allows small companies to borrow Korea Google brands increase their exposure to build awareness. Google ‘s brand also allows South Korea to support small companies to more effectively carry out overseas markets.
Of course , such a deal are also at risk . Application developers If you choose to become a subsidiary of Google , its application must be specifically provided for Google ‘s app store , thus losing the opportunity to expand to other platforms . But overall, this start-ups in Korea is an attractive choice, you can help them avoid Kakao is divided , and in Korea and overseas markets at a faster pace. Considering the importance of brand influence in Korea , which may be a new option for start-ups in Korea , they can then get a larger proportion of sales application from the outset .
Brand awareness is power
Kakao is South Korea ‘s largest mobile application platform market , domestic revenues top 20 mobile applications , 19 are from Kakao platform. Japan and China ‘s market environment is different, Korean consumers have rarely downloaded by their companies to develop the game, unless the game a major application platforms like Kakao Games.