Jan 14

Google acquired Nest

For many people, Nest smart thermostat face somewhat raw. Perhaps just as its founder as Anthony M. Fadell, Nest habits inadvertently distributing low-key charm. Fadel former Apple executive, iPod Steve Jobs brought his design concept, and ultimately subversive music industry, the traditional giants triumph over the altar, as the re-emergence of the Apple empire made ​​an indelible contribution.
Just a month ago, the smart home market Nest in which relatively small minority. Go to 2014, it seems that time and technology has finally accumulated enough energy revolution – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, intelligent home paid off, the light is no less than a smart car, wearing those bulky equipment or surfaces of the TV.
Multi-screen era, all networked, 2014, our world is moving forward strides Revolution 2.0 era. If the 2.0 does not feel intuitive, simple terms, mobile phase 1.0, the phone turned into a powerful pocket version of the PC; while moving 2.0 stage, it is the things that you are familiar with a little intelligence into a machine.


As Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg said : “We are at an inflection point from the development of technology to deploy technology which .” When all these technologies are moving in ” smarter, faster, more compact , more energy, more substantial” marching direction , the era of intelligent things will inevitably come. Tim McDonough , vice president of Qualcomm also set his sights on this new period of development : “If we can achieve ‘ intelligence ‘ on the phone , it can also be implemented on all other objects technology is crossing equipment , we are also re-examined. functionality of these devices . ”

Advance on the road to mobile 2.0 , have been pioneers in Google certainly do not want to slow down . In this new era of networked new things , almost never open up on a piece of virgin land , Google wants is perhaps an early departure , lead the way , a big step forward . What share of the dispute as well as iOS vs. Android ? What this copy of that house club moved west with negative ruffian ? Steve Jobs vowed to talk about that field started ” thermonuclear war ” ? Escape from 1.0 times, down the fetters that hinder getting stale . Google ‘s use of this $ 3.2 billion acquisition price , sounded rushed mobile number 2.0