Mar 31

Mobile era, online news again into the hot field of entrepreneurial innovation


And the era of mobile devices compared to the complex , innovative products , online news ( or ” Network News “, “News Site” ) seems to be a more mature and a fixed format . However, contrary to popular belief , the online news company since last year triggered a well-known venture capital firms and investment tycoon ‘s attention , and many news sites turned out , many news client installed capacity also get a lot of money .
Behind revive this news site , has a kind of reason ? Online News mobile device context , what new changes ? Recently the British ” Economist” shouts were analyzed and reported.
Turmoil in Ukraine , a major youth-oriented news website Vice, also went to the luxurious residence of Ukrainian leaders were shooting reports, videos were uploaded to the network. Pew Research Center report noted that one-third of Americans will watch the news in the online video , the user scale , through the cable network has reached the number of viewers watching television . In the 18 to 29 year olds , half will click on news video.
Over the past few years, the news media reported the Pew organization , there is not much good news. But this year , but the disclosure of some good news , the biggest bright spot, a large number of network news industry startups birth ( such as Vice).
According to Pew statistics , in the United States 468 online news company , has provided 5,000 full-time positions . Many network news companies, from traditional media ( such as ” New York Times ” and ” Washington Post ” ) stole big reporters , in addition to the establishment of bureaus around the world to improve their reporting coverage .
In the past, the network news organizations are principally engaged in the re-integration of traditional newspaper journalism. However, they now provide more and more original reporting .
Last year , the United States launched a comprehensive news site BusinessInsider a character Yahoo CEO Meyer reports, as many as 23,000 words of text , called a short story . BusinessInsider ‘s head Brad Jeter said: “As the online news site , you can send so long, if magazines do, they went bankrupt .”
U.S. news aggregation site BuzzFeed, now has more than 170 full-time employees, including Pulitzer Prize winner Mark-Schoofs, he was responsible for managing the news reporter investigating authorities .
Why is there so many online news company ? One important reason is that the capital threshold is low . Newspaper industry analyst Ken-Doctor said , need only $ 5 million , you can operate a founder of ” positive Pareto through ” the network news media companies.
In addition , behind the online news industry , not a lack of investment tycoon support. For example, eBay founder PierreOmidyar to a nonprofit online news media First-Look-Media has invested $ 250 million . In addition , just last month , the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists , Internet veteran entrepreneur Anderson , prophecy news media industry has entered a golden era, industry market size will turn times or even a hundred times .
In the next generation of online news services (including mobile devices introduced to the news client ) , news reader interactivity features growing. The Pew survey found that half of social media visitors , will give a good friend to share the wonderful news and news video , in addition to comment on these reports and videos.
In addition , 7% of U.S. adults , had taken his own news video uploaded to social networks or well-known news sites .
In terms of personnel requirements , the birth of new digital media , is no longer needed as a large editorial team like traditional media. It is worth mentioning that today’s news website reported lost interest for local , well known , many local newspapers have been closed down business.
In addition, lengthy reports and investigative reports, news sites are still competing to win the reader users chips , but the budget is limited editing online news company , not as a large number of in-depth reports to support projects like the traditional media.
Today’s news reader , on the whole is moving towards fragmentation , fast track . According to statistics, if Facebook users open a news site , the average time each time he visits the site of a minute and a half . If users direct access to news sites , each residence time , it is only half a minute or so.
Newspapers , magazines , television, radio and other traditional media , online news companies continue to be eroded . According to statistics , last year , the three major U.S. television news channel CNN, Fox and MSNBC, in prime time lost 11% of viewers. Between traditional news media and online news media , is generating a similar interaction between Newton’s third law of motion ( action and reaction ) of .