Feb 17

Are you ready to meet the mobile Internet era job?


A few years ago , people discuss what is moving . Millennials will determine future work. Consumer -oriented will determine control of the IT department. Business enterprise is re sociability . “Forbes ” recently summed up the work environment in three important changes.
1 The Internet has been redefined
Three years ago, we discussed the issues connected laptops, smart phones and tablet computers. As this year’s business leader, you must develop ” connected everything ” strategy. Cisco called the “Internet of Things .” GE focuses on industrial Internet. Salesforce website then proposed a new topic. It began to focus on the “consumer Internet .” The company describes such a world : “You consumers are toward the future and determine your future you need to gain an advantage in front of you to grab the consumer , standing next door to greet your customers . .”
This is what I ‘ve seen most convincing mission. Not only do you have to understand the mode of development of the Internet, but also contributed to its acceptance and change . Have you tried Google ( microblogging ) glasses? Have you thought about the sensor can improve your business processes and customer experience? Market vandals are using new technologies to streamline business processes . You are willing to accept reform it? Or you want to be a company with a destructive, thus to lead consumers into the future do you ?
2 We live in a mobile world
Needless to say, people in all aspects of life are beginning to increase the use of mobile devices. Move was an overlay network , is now increasingly seen as the main network. The problem is that what is the significance of your business . Market research firm Lopez Research in the fourth quarter of 2013 released research report, many companies have recognized the rapid growth of mobile devices in the workplace . The study shows that nearly half of employees ( 48 percent ) were to carry forward three kinds of mobile devices ( laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs ) .
Last month, the world’s leading enterprise mobile network provider Aruba Networks has released a survey report, which will be called # GenMobile these new staff employees , that action-oriented crowd. Characteristics of this population is the preferred equipment and workplace mobility . They tend to non-traditional work schedules, workplace flexibility and higher salaries needed , requiring a stable Internet , they are more stressed than Wi-Fi and 4G, 3G or broadband connection.
# GenMobile the early stages of most employees still in its cause, and they have three or three more devices ( 62% ) , feeling the highest efficiency in the home office (57% ) . This requires that you change your corporate infrastructure and business processes. Your enterprise infrastructure has been upgraded to support each of three or more devices? Are your key business processes have been moved out?
Do you have an application on the management strategy of personal mobile devices? You have to ensure that these applications are safe strategy?
3 mobile and video collaboration between change
Mobile and video are changing the way we connect with friends , family and colleagues of the way . A few years ago , only appeared in a video conference room , ordinary people difficult to meddle . Now, Polycom DefyDistance program committed to different groups through the use of video to improve business value within an organization , for example through work together to help HR departments to recruit the right talent to help the marketing department to create a more powerful brand .
Microsoft’s Lync service has also been adopted by a growing number of organizations that can help create a completely wireless , unified collaboration solutions , employees do not even need to use a fixed telephone to contact each other .
This is the future of work. Determine the tone of this , we need to consider re- create the business process , to enable full use of sensor data , or a variety of big data and cloud computing services market in the new data.