Mar 27

Oculus VR make sense to completely release the energy of the Internet.



Facebook acquired Oculus VR, 4 billion in cash +16 million shares, details of the transaction not to judge, have their own rules of the game between the Silicon Valley VC, but logic and industrial background acquisitions worthy of scrutiny . The most appropriate attribution 3D gaming device makers should be the top game companies , SONY or Microsoft . FB as the Internet company , its revenue from advertising and lightweight gaming companies choose to acquire rather than open collaboration , direct power from the entrance of the occupation – Oculus VR Future ghostwriter behind the senses Internet.
Parallel development of the real and virtual worlds
Compared to the real world , the virtual world has been in development speed , far more than Moore’s Law.
I believe that we still remember a website Linden Lab launched 11 years ago that once set the world WOW enterprise , was stationed in attracting large companies , the peak period over 6 million registered users , people use to buy Linden Dollars ” land , ” surprising and confusing . China has also emerged and other imitators. However, due to the high cost , the profit model is not clear, a pattern was quickly abandoned, but similar technology 3D MMORPG game in 2003 after the rapid Huobian worldwide.
Facebook social network also represents the start about the same time , only patterns lighter, easier graphic internet at the time of expansion and realization . Tencent also in the same time period , in the virtual world have tasted the sweetness , 2D virtual worlds – game today laid the foundation to become an important revenue pillars.
In the past, the Internet has served as a mapping of the real world exists to graphics , video, fragmented in the form of websites to render. Rise Oculus VR represent sensory Internet opened the entrance to the second element of our space , the flesh becomes the world’s only remaining link two points .
Virtual left, right true
From the point of view of investment in technology , the field of the world’s top 5 internet , Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Tencent, its massive user base will accelerate the realization of technology import and shaping the face of the next five years, the Internet world. Today, with the sensor , the Internet, low-power processors, storage , battery constantly miniaturization, low cost , many techniques have nuclear fusion possible. The five giants tend to come out about two very different direction on the integration of technology route.
Facebook left : to enter the virtual world , the direct purchase of the second element space entrance.
Apple and Amazon right : focus on the real space to do intelligent information integration and discrete data entry . Wearable devices and mobile health field is that Apple will soon be seen a huge wave of leadership within 2 years.
Google and Tencent centrist : Google choose both, in the real world on the cover of a virtual information layer to interact through Google Glass. But also investment Nest, doing real-world smart home entrance . Tencent pad to integrate micro letter to the entrance of a link , the integration of virtual and real resources to the game as the core product revenue , build a small circle of users and revenue to the world .
Flowers and the world , a Bodhi leaf
In the past, the real world of human beings have been looked down on the rapid progress of the virtual world what happened . Can not be ignored is that the first wave of capital boom set off from the Google Glass wearable devices begin , the user entry in the rapidly growing Internet : PC, phone , voice , eyes, etc., continue to follow closely the basic body , easy to use , and into the strong sense .
Foreseeable future , we do not need to visit the site , just walk in Facebook ‘s own virtual world , the real world does not need to accommodate the physical laws and social customs, can embrace a more open mind .
Flowers and the world , a Bodhi leaf . Boundless, but you my imagination.