Aug 18

New electricity supplier sore point: the shopping cart 70% bought goods had not been paid


Increasingly popular in the world of e-commerce, retail sites also face challenges, especially how to get Internet users in the wide range of commodities, quickly find their own desirable commodity.
According to research technology news site BusinessInsider America’s Financial Intelligence Unit BIIntelligence, and the other is called a “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon, increasingly sparked anxiety electricity supplier website – commodity finally by the user into a shopping cart, but eventually abandoned, or not closing.
For the general public is concerned, this is a very common phenomenon. Entity shopping, people can choose another election. In the electricity supplier website into the shopping cart of goods, swing and hesitation, and not necessarily the final payment of commodity buyers.
This think tank forecast data show that this year, the global electricity supplier website abandoned shopping cart of goods worth $ 400 million, and if the retail site takes a little effort, of which 63% may be re-checkout consumer purchase.
Allegedly, BIIntelligence tier of global electricity supplier through the website, access to these data.
This think tank’s report, “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon, is increasing. With the online shopping population gradually shifted to mobile shopping, this phenomenon will continue.
2013, about 74 percent of shopping cart (a one shopping generate) by netizens abandoned. In contrast, the proportion of 2012 and 2011 were 72% and 69%.
Shopping cart of goods not paid the settlement does not mean that users no longer need this product, for retailers, these products have not yet entered the “lost sales” category.
According to the professional company SeeWhy survey had abandoned shopping carts in merchandise online shopping experience family, three-quarters of people said that the store will still be returned or shop in the future, to purchase these commodities have been abandoned again.
Of course, compared to physical stores, online retailers want to be discarded shopping cart re-settlement, a single channel, is more difficult.
This think tank reports that retailers actually have multiple means to recover forgotten in the shopping cart sales, further simplifying network platforms such as payment and settlement processes, in addition to those abandoned shopping cart users, by e-mail be a gentle reminder.
According to research specialist Listrak, and after leaving the electricity supplier a consumer Web site three hours, send him an email if four percent of the recipients will read the message content, two percent of the recipients will click View cart unpaid merchandise.
An abandoned shopping carts, in fact hides a huge valuable information, such as why online shoppers have abandoned a good selection of merchandise, the products in question, or the online shopping process issues? Brand or product does not have enough appeal and loyalty.
This think tank pointed out that in-depth analysis online shopping cart (including abandoned) data software and technology, will be a worthwhile investment fields.