Feb 26

Biography Ali Softbank Mobile Social joint investment Line electricity providers seeking breakthrough


There are rumors in the industry today , Alibaba and Softbank in Japan joint investment communications applications Line.
Although yesterday Naver Line and its parent company in Korea has denied and Softbank talks , but adding to the Alibaba investment shares news more reasonable .
If you can take advantage of the resources accumulated Ali in the field of electricity providers , which will play an important supporting role or Line break through the current revenue model. And Ali also need to have new hands and Tencent chips can compete .
Over the past year , Ali and Tencent mobile end the fighting escalated . Tencent micro-channel due to the rise , including small businesses and micro-channel payment service system based on the formation of micro-channel public platform , Alipay began to erode and mobile provider business advantages Ali . Last year, Ali launched in order to challenge the application of micro-channel mobile communications exchange , but did not have a counter effect
Has been unable to obtain success in the short term from the existing competitive landscape perspective, foster new applications to grab user attention . For losing the advantages of the Internet giants started on the acquisition or investment market has established a platform advantages of mobile communication products become a trend.
Just last week , Facebook announced the $ 19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp is exacerbated by the arrival of this trend.
A competitive advantage worldwide communications applications include four : In addition to its 450 million monthly active users WhatsApp and has 270 million monthly active users of the micro-channel , only the rest has 360 million registered users Line and has 130 million registered users KakaoTalk.
Which is headquartered in Japan Line with its distinctive culture and a clear business product line grew rapidly, growing up from its platform has been involved in a number of areas of social services , games, electricity providers , news and so on.
According Line reported a 2013 Line revenue reached $ 335 million , which accounted for 60% of gaming revenue , pay income accounted for 20% of chat expressions , the official account of marketing and brand sponsorship revenue accounted for 20% of the face . The valuation of its investment in the company has reached $ 14.9 billion .
Earlier also news that , Line For year IPO. If you can find a new way to invest in shares , IPO process, or will slow down. And Ali added , in terms of the Line and Ali , both with two-way favorable factors, the point is that both sides win a breakthrough in the field of mobile social electricity supplier .
Line Status electricity supplier business development
Although a growing proportion of income Line games , face mapping stable income , but last year , Line expansion into new areas of business value-added space : the electricity supplier .
Line of business electricity supplier is currently focused on two products : Based on the official account of the “limited sale ” services and applications independent electricity suppliers Line Mall.
According to foreign media reports TechInAisa , Line opened in Thailand ‘s “limited sale ” account within 5 minutes of the sale of the 500 Maybelline lipstick. In China , the service is also being carried out , has been selling dolls and all kinds of goods, including Line of cosmetics .
According Line COO of Chak Gang (Idezawa Takeshi) to the media , Line Sale reason suitable to carry out limited operations, mainly for two reasons : First , Line as a communications platform has a strong ability to push information . This means that users can have timely access to product sale activities . Another reason is that the limited sale of business users to easily attract attention, generate high purchasing decisions and actions of the efficiency of the process , but also for Line mobile terminal characteristics .
Line another electricity supplier flagship product , is launched in December last year an independent electricity supplier applications Line Mall. The set of applications C2C and B2C modes , users and businesses can be sold both in the application to upload products to show pictures waterfall stream in the form of goods available for purchase to the buyer . However, the application is currently only in the Japanese market launch of the Android version , on-line effects and are planning the next step has not yet been made ​​public .
Whether it is for Alibaba or Line itself , the two sides are still in the exploratory phase electricity supplier in the field of mobile social networking . But their accumulated resources is very different , Ali has many years of experience in the business and build a platform , and Line in mobile social fields have a 360 million users. If the two sides can achieve resource cooperation, which in the current fierce competition in the mobile communications market applications , more likely to be favored by a combination of cards to attract capital .
Especially after Facebook to $ 19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, behind the products involved in the mobile communications applications are beginning to compete hard to win over powerful resource supply . Whether Tencent micro-channel , Viber Japan Rakuten acquired or outgoing Korea also plans IPO KakaoTalk.
If communication applications have become the next generation of mobile terminal entrance , then later became the entrance , we now try to do is how to allow users access to a service life after coming all aspects empire .