Jan 11

Smart sports watch


January 10 news on this year’s CES show, a display of wearable devices focus . RIBX company launched a sports and recreation for outdoor sports enthusiasts internet watch.
Smart wearable devices constantly emerging today , companies are very optimistic about the future in this area , IT and mobile Internet upstart chiefs who have fought this battle. A variety of new products at CES endless , Intel introduced the concept of the watch , ZTE flagship voice control , Pebble will be replaced by a metal shell …… the manufacturers have their own way to tell you , the real arrival of the era of wearable a .
But the company also entered the field of mining there for the first user confusion. RIBX believes wearable device innovation to identify the market demand , many people do not want to put the phone tied on the wrist . ” We pay more attention to wear habits and aesthetic concept watch .” RIBX targeted at the needs of users of health and safety for the pursuit of life goals and exercise health groups launched Ti series , as there is the spirit of exploration and adventure lovers challenge launched FB series .
The release of two Internet RIBX watch classic watch both upgrade products . It uses titanium as the main material , lightweight rugged and acid corrosion ; 30 m water depth , dive time can swim wear ; equipped with a variety of sensors, the measured pressure and temperature elevation ; configuration 300 mA -850 mA battery ; equipped the whole feel of the smartphone operating system RIBX ROM, complete Android 4.3 , you can achieve a variety of interactive touch , voice , somatosensory , bio- signal based ; motion analysis, there are health and safety tips in the movement , such as climbing, close or when more than normal human exposure to altitude, the watch will automatically alert .
In addition , RIBX watch as an independent terminal equipment, the Internet may not be attached to mobile phones and communications independently .
From now until March 1, 2014 , users can watch the latest book by RIBX official website. In addition to the smart bracelet and watch sports Internet , RIBX that the future may launch a full sensory intelligent driving systems, even smart cars.