Feb 22

Google Project Tango plans to make Android phones more intelligent?


As is currently the most widely used map services , Google ( microblogging ) map has become an integral part of many people living in a utility , but by virtue of Google just launched Tango plan , Google Maps service in the future is likely to become more excellent more intelligent. What is the Tango project? Simply put, is to create a platform similar to Kinect with a 3D sensor , depth sensor , motion tracking cameras, vision processors and other components of the 5 inches Android smartphone. However, different from ordinary Android phone , Tango planned this phone is able to track the user’s actions and draw a three-dimensional map of the surrounding environment. Tango program currently open only to a small number of developers team , but in their efforts , Tango phones have been able to accomplish indoor navigation and other functions, while also running some virtual reality interactive game.
Tango ATAP program is part of Google ‘s department (Advanced Technology and Projects Group), the department was once part of the original Motorola , concern Ara modular phone plan also belong to the team. Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola at the time of the singer from the valley where Google does not sell to the association with the department . ATAP head of Johnny Lee ( formerly of Microsoft’s Kinect team ) , said Tango plans to give smart phones similar to the human sense of space for the new user experience to create the conditions . Although the game appears to be the most direct and navigation applications Tango plan , but the main goal of the program is on track and modeling by the position of the surrounding environment to enhance the user experience .
Although Tango is still in the early planning stages of development , but Google also looking interested in the program development team , this situation with the same early Google glasses . Google said they have made ‚Äč‚Äčabout 200 prototype device and start from March 14 to release a number of interested developers . For developers, if you are interested in Tango plan , then you first need to submit an application on-line Tango official website on Google , then will it be possible to get the chance to try Tango phones.