Jan 15

Smart padlock TEO


School, often encounter forgot the key, then ran half the campus to find the keys roommate thing. Was just thinking, if we can remote control key, you can make a phone call to unlock roommate much better! Or more simply point the phone is the key, as long as the phone can be unlocked with. Recently visiting the Kickstarter, and she saw such a project, smart padlock TEO, is simply “forgot the keys were recurring,” the gospel.


TEO is a smart padlocks, connected by a low-power Bluetooth technology and mobile terminal APP, APP can be achieved through open , lock action. As a lock, you first need high security performance. TEO is a spring-loaded padlock , rugged and compact internal components , Newark, California done by the manufacturer Heliox technology assembly , it is learned that the company has been working for nearly a decade with the U.S. military . Form3 done by the Vancouver company designs , compact , with a variety of colors.

Secondly, as a smart padlocks , TEO can be unlocked through mobile phones in addition to the end , you can also share permissions to allow other people to open the lock . Users can share permissions APP will unlock the person designated TEO application is installed, so that others can open the lock up . For example, you go abroad , but my colleagues to continue to lock you in a drawer of a file , you can use remote authorization TEO unlock ; another example, you ‘re playing the game , someone borrow your bike , you do not have to run downstairs to unlock the phone one o’clock that available . Problems arise at the beginning of the article , by TEO lock can also be easily resolved. Since these licenses are encrypted and only , so security is guaranteed .

TEO uses a low -power Bluetooth technology, and designed a sleep mode, you can ensure maximum battery life , learned to use a full charge can last for a year . Users can also check the remaining battery on the APP, if the battery is low , TEO team also offers battery replacement service.

TEO need to raise Kickstarter 16.5 million Canadian dollars in the product produced , has raised 52,000 Canadian dollars , the product can be expected to be available later this year . Cell phones have become a necessity of our lives, the heavy drop a bunch of keys , the lock function is transferred to the phone, and their intelligence is indeed a good idea. The future of such devices also can be used in a small warehouse on the community , without the line transaction requires only online payment , get unlocking authorization , which can use a locker , saving labor costs.