Jan 29

The ant gold take $880 million merger are to 2.4 billion people in the United States _ _ tengxun net technology

ant gold take $880 million mergers and acquisitions are 2 billion global users in the United States will use Chinese mobile payment
dispatch of tencent technology (Sun Hongchao) the United States on January 26, local time, the ant gold suit are declared with the well-known global remittance service company (MoneyGram) an agreement, will be about $880 million for mergers and acquisitions.
as well-known remittance service company in the world, are founded in 1940, headquartered in Dallas, branches in more than 30 countries, and in more than 200 countries and regions in the world, with 200Network. Are possessed of good partnership with world bank and its fast remittance can make money through about 2.4 billion accounts, including wal-mart, CVS pharmacy, the post office, Canada post and Express the ACE Cash is its important cooperative partner.
after the two sides reached agreement, the merger and acquisition also needs the are shareholders and relevant regulators approved, is expected to m&a process in the second half of the year is complete.
ant gold suit CEO well xian said, “to the global consumers provide digital pratt & Whitney in the process of financial services,Selection and are hand in hand is a very important step, this is not only based on the business hand in hand, more is that both sides on the concept of fit, believe that cooperation between the two sides will produce chemical reaction, let consumers around the world and small micro enterprise, continue to enjoy a more convenient and safe financial services, for global small micro economic vitality. ”
according to the agreement, after completion of the merger and acquisition, are as the ant gold suit’s independent unit operation, its existing brand and team will still be in place, and will continue to improve. Well xian said, are one of the biggest advantage is to haveWorld class staff, “we continue to focus on training are well known for its high quality customer service team, and create more jobs for America.” At present, are has 3000 employees around the world.
are CEO Alex, Holmes said the ant gold service is an ideal partner, are the ant gold take leading global mobile payment technology will make the global remittances are ability to a higher level more, make the global agent are better able to serve its useHouseholds, “we will work together to expand our business, and for more people and their loved ones in the world to establish a safe, reliable and equal financial ties.”
, according to the service according to data provided by the ant ant gold and its strategic partners Paytm service in China, India, a total of more than 630 million users, are connected to the global 2.4 billion accounts. The merger is completed, means that the business will complement each other, later, people from all countries will be more convenient when cross-border shopping, remittances, Chinese enterprises’ cross-border funds will also have more secure and convenient channel.