Jan 05

Twitter launched Web version of a short video applications Vine


Twitter today launched a web version of the application for a short video Vine. At present, this service is already on-line, users simply log vine.co site and user account Vine can use this service it.
This new Web version of Vine short video application service that allows users to browse the TV in full screen mode Home news , watch videos, and publish “Like” , comments and other opinions , but also to share Vine video content with other users. In addition, users can also access the Friends of the Vine personal home page , and publish their own postings shared with other friends , so that they can see the user’s friends post .
Also to be noted is that almost all of the features currently listed Vine Web version has also been available in the Vine mobile applications , in addition to TV full-screen viewing mode , which is the only difference from the web version Vine function.
Twitter has promised , today launched the web version of Vine service is only version 1.0 , so users can expect a new version of Vine will add more functionality. In this regard , Vine has claimed : ” The release of Vine application is only the first step , the next release will give users a richer , more pleasing web experience we expect this year will be more improvements. .”
Web version Vine short video applications is still a new thing . Users currently can not record video through a web camera head , can not upload a recorded video content. It is unclear whether Twitter will continue to move as the core, or whether it will provide new applications or enhance the function of the web version . In any case, the web version of short video applications Vine has taken a good step forward.
In fact , Twitter launched the web version of Vine is a perfect illustration – that the Twitter service to move first, and then expand to other devices. Twitter certainly hope that this strategy can help Vine growing , even though the majority of users may still favor the mobile version of Vine applications.