Feb 03

Uber will develop unmanned vehicles with Daimler _ _ tengxun net technology

BI have reported on February 1,
a taxi application granddaddy Uber will with German carmaker Daimler (Daimler) to create driverless cars, this also is Uber with traditional second big car companies for unmanned technology cooperation intention.
Travis, chief executive of Uber karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) on Tuesday announced through the blog, the parent company of mercedes-benz Daimler will build driverless cars for the company.
Uber has made cooperation with Volvo, its self-driving technology integrated into Volvo XC90 modelsAnd tested in San Francisco.
however, due to regulatory issues later, Uber test had to be moved to Arizona in San Francisco.
last year, Uber project unmanned test for the first time in Pittsburgh, using a hybrid (Ford Fusion) Ford car. However, Uber, a spokesman for the company have not yet been formally collaborating with ford, the current partner only Volvo and Daimler.
karan Nick said: “the car makers such as Daimler is critical for our strategy, because Uber has never had the experience of building cars.In fact, building cars is a very difficult task. This is why we don’t build a car, but I hope to cooperate with the world’s most excellent car companies. ”
in the field of unmanned, Daimler, which has made history, in 2015, the first to realize unmanned driving the truck on the highway. Uber was also interested in the field of driverless trucks, its last August acquired driverless trucks start-ups Otto. (compile/li)
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Jan 13

Uber taxi Applications


Recently, private car taxi service Uber announced that its basic services UberX will adopt a new , lower price strategy in San Francisco before the price cut than about 20 % reduction from different markets differ.
Meanwhile , Uber canceled the flat rate portion of the line , for example, the cost to the airport . This unified toll way past both winners and losers , for example, stay away from the airport is closer to the people “losers .” For these people , the new pricing strategy implies a taxi to the airport than in the past to save 30% to 50 % of the cost , this is a very good deal .
The new price way than taxi , or by Uber ‘s main competitor (Lyft and Sidecar) called the car cheaper. For consumers, this is good news. Typically , a higher value of the services provided by Uber particular, it is more reliable than systems Francisco taxi .
Currently we do not see a response Uber competitors made ​​, but this is expected to bring down the overall price in the short term . But I’m more interested in is what happens in the long run . Uber This company will get a lot of funding will not end for lack of funds to send competitors ?
There exist a number of service providers in the market , in the interests of drivers and consumers. If Uber controls all traffic will have on the price of absolute pricing , it may request additional to consumers , and the driver paid less. For Uber , this is of course wonderful , but for most people , it is obviously not a good thing .
From the consumer’s point of view, a taxi should also install a variety of applications , but is not limited to a particular service provider , so a company to gain market monopoly . Taxi no match for the new price Uber , because the price of a taxi is required by law.
So Lyft and Sidecar can compete under the premise of profit and Uber? We’ll see.