Feb 03

Uber will develop unmanned vehicles with Daimler _ _ tengxun net technology

BI have reported on February 1,
a taxi application granddaddy Uber will with German carmaker Daimler (Daimler) to create driverless cars, this also is Uber with traditional second big car companies for unmanned technology cooperation intention.
Travis, chief executive of Uber karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) on Tuesday announced through the blog, the parent company of mercedes-benz Daimler will build driverless cars for the company.
Uber has made cooperation with Volvo, its self-driving technology integrated into Volvo XC90 modelsAnd tested in San Francisco.
however, due to regulatory issues later, Uber test had to be moved to Arizona in San Francisco.
last year, Uber project unmanned test for the first time in Pittsburgh, using a hybrid (Ford Fusion) Ford car. However, Uber, a spokesman for the company have not yet been formally collaborating with ford, the current partner only Volvo and Daimler.
karan Nick said: “the car makers such as Daimler is critical for our strategy, because Uber has never had the experience of building cars.In fact, building cars is a very difficult task. This is why we don’t build a car, but I hope to cooperate with the world’s most excellent car companies. ”
in the field of unmanned, Daimler, which has made history, in 2015, the first to realize unmanned driving the truck on the highway. Uber was also interested in the field of driverless trucks, its last August acquired driverless trucks start-ups Otto. (compile/li)
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