Jan 26

WeChat will import U.S. users Google account


Overseas WeChat promote micro-channel in the United States , January 31 using Google ( microblogging ) account login and invite 5 friends to use, will receive $ 25 ( about 150 yuan ) restaurant coupons.
18:00 EDT , micro-channel Overseas WeChat issued a message of cooperation and Google join forces to all U.S. users .
WeChat push message said: ” Just connect the Google account on the micro-channel , invited five contacts into the micro-channel from your Google account , the micro-channel will be sent equivalent to 150 yuan a hotel gift certificate , this voucher can exceed thousands in the United States restaurant use , this activity will continue until January 31, 2014 . ”
According to the “Connection ” magazine appears in the survey in July last year , Google holds nearly 25 percent of the North American network traffic , with the network ( including Gmail, Youtube and other Google related services users ) and mobile terminal (Google Play) Tens of thousands of Google account, the ability to import Google account, for the development of micro-channel in the United States , it is a very beneficial thing.
Previously, the industry generally are not optimistic about the development of instant messaging in the U.S. market. First, because the United States provide a large number of SMS communications packages, the Americans did not pay too much pressure on text messages , Facebook and other social networking platforms together very popular, even if the communication is very narrow room for growth , the accumulation of users is not easy.
Even im the boss , Whats App development in the United States is not satisfactory .
But interestingly, micro-channel so that a new breakthrough in the way of accumulation by Google user account import and coupons reward way for the future development of the market in the United States laid the foundation for a very favorable .