Mar 10

Microsoft launched WP mobile terminal commercialization sole agency authorized Dorman


Microsoft MSN (China) officially announced the authorized mobile advertising platform Dorman (DOMOB) become Windows Phone Online Mobile Advertising exclusive strategic partner.
After reaching this cooperation, which means that Microsoft MSN (China) online advertising and marketing business in the mobile side began to force, to carry out the Windows Phone application platform advertising and marketing business, Dorman also become the first to complete the Android, iOS, Windows Phone the three major smartphone operating system full coverage of mobile advertising platform.
Dorman COO Zhang He (microblogging), said the significance of an exclusive, multi-part alliance is responsible for advertising and marketing Windows Phone system stores, advertising and media developers fill in the Microsoft Windows Phone SDK, the Union can only be carried out by more than.
The latest information from multiple display Union, after nearly four years of development, Dorman 40 million unique users daily coverage, covering the whole country more than 600 million users, with 890 million daily and nearly 80,000 PV App media coverage.