Ten Square refute false rumors: No one says to postpone the listing

Mobile payment company Square blog published on Thursday refuted the top ten on the company’s quality of service of false rumors, including customer defects and difficulties encountered, such as the main business. Square hopes to make the reader believe that the various measures taken by the company currently are for the future development of Charge.
Earlier this year, foreign media have reported that, due to the huge losses suffered when Square is considering various strategic options including the sale, including. Just a few days ago, Amazon also introduced a mobile payment service called Amazon Local Register of goals against Square. So, Square had published blog to refute some of the false rumors in the market.
The following is the full text of this blog:
Now, there are many false reports about the Square on the market. We list the top ten bad rumor, and one by one to refute.
1. Square’s service fee is too expensive
Not true. We only charge a one-time low fee for each transaction, but businesses also can get free inventory management, sales, invoicing and e-commerce solutions and other services. If revenues larger scale, we can also provide fee-based services tailored to the customer based on the actual situation. In addition, we do not have any hidden charges.
2. Square unsafe
We strictly protect customer data, because the data is precisely the foundation of our business development. Square comply with the Payment Card Industry (Payment Card Industry) security standards. Our credit card and payment process each transaction are closely monitored. You can learn more about Square security on our Web site.
3. Square no customer service or telephone sales support
We are your partner and look forward to ask your service at any time. Square customers can at any time by phone, Email and Twitter contact us. Our website support center has many articles, recommendations and videos.
4. Square only for Small Business Service
Our services cover almost all business objects. Square Register offers include inventory tracking, a variety of specialized business schedules and powerful analysis tools, including to help customers streamline operational processes.
5. Square business encounter difficulties
Like you, we are a growth-oriented enterprises. Your investment is to have a better future, we also true. We have sufficient funds, and these funds are spent wisely: for example, for the recruitment and development of new products. Those reports about our company or to postpone the sale of the company listed are unfounded. We have taken various measures are for the future development of Charge.
6. Square charge hidden fees
Square does not charge any hidden fees, we do not use in the form of contract to lock customers. We deal with all kinds of costs roughly the same payment card transactions. No matter the amount of your credit card spending how much, credit card costs are the same. It’s that simple.
7. Square benefit from the use of trade disputes
Safety is always the first principle Square upheld. We have been very vigilant in protecting the interests of buyers and sellers, and for any unusual transactions phenomenon closely monitored. We will not benefit from the use of trade disputes. We will not freeze in the process of customer funds in resolving disputes.
8. Square just a reader
We offer a complete set of integrated tools to customers to help them optimize their business operations. We are able to offer a few on the market will pay up contact with customers other business services. Customers can be done on your own Square Dashboard send electronic receipts, manage inventory, track sales trends, the online order to embed their own websites as well as scheduling and other tasks.
9. Square unreliable
Square Reader reader and Square Stand merchant cash register systems are specifically designed with customer demand function, which ensures their efficient and reliable in the payment process. If your Wi-Fi network, or do you sometimes can not suddenly break the Internet, you can also use our line mode (Offline Mode). We have also been continuously improved product appearance, product features to match it with. Square Reader is the thinnest on the market is currently a mobile card reader, and Square Stand is harvested Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) recently selected the 2014 IDEA Award for excellence in industrial design.
10. Square only supports Apple products
Square supports iPhone, iPad and many Android devices.srtxt_20140816

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