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tencent technology editor’s note 】 【 Forbes website on Saturday released this week’s “Apple” (Apple Loop), it reviews the week’s news for Apple. Content covers the flexible display technology, the newest iPhone 8 news, iOS 10.2.1 details, thinking about Apple’s lack of competition, Apple smart Watch Watch at the end of last year’s holiday shopping season success and so on.
apple circle, the purpose of the release, in order to make users master the key events of the past seven days apple.
the iPhone or using the flexible screen

the iPhone will appear after eight? There is no doubt that with other smartphone makers, apple has tried to look. From the Wall Street journal reported that Japan’s display, have the deep relationship with apple, the Japanese company built for the iPhone display. Japan has announced that they will begin to produce ductile screen display company. Samsung and LG have invested a lot of effort on the science and technology, now apple’s component suppliers also confirmed in this game, so new iPhone adopt surface toughness display is not impossible.
last yearIn November, apple for the iPhone patent application for the folding of exposure. That is to say apple is also think about going into the army in the field, plus Japan display company will begin to produce ductile display, so the iPhone the possibility of using the material of the panel is great. It is worth mentioning that toughness has a slightly different screens and folding screen, ordinary users still need to wait for a period of time to usher in folding equipment.
if the technology used in the upcoming iPhone, provides a flexible panel reduces the likelihood of display impact damage. Considering the iPhone sales than a yearOver 100 million units, this technology can reduce the iPhone warranty repairs. It can provide new design options for apple watches, make the shape of the screen to adopt more wearable device. Or it could be used for virtual reality helmet, better use of the surrounding screen which satisfy the user’s visual experience.
wireless charging and iPhone
8 8 will be how to charge the iPhone? Have been stories in the past few months, according to apple iPhone this year for the first time on 8 equipped with wireless charging function, and today a new report from the suppliers once again confirms the claim. According to theCommercial age magazine reported that Taiwanese component manufacturers from China lite-on semiconductor company has become the iPhone 8 large a new member of the supply chain, and component is provided by lite-on the rectifier used for wireless charging component. Lite-on is a 42 years old consumer electronic components manufacturers, products include LED, display and CD/DVD drive.
believe that relies on an apple iPhone enormous influence, this time the new add wireless charging function, will make the whole wireless charging industry disruptive change. Based on earlier rumors, apple has been working with Energous company to develop a kind of can within 15 feet (4.5 meters) distance can be wireless charging technology, which for the current need for equipment against the base of the wireless charging technology, is undoubtedly a great progress.
a market Research firm Copperfield Research in recently published Research report, this paper expounds the apple plans to use in future product independent development of inductive charging technology. Copperfield Research thought, apple since 2013 to apply for inductive charging more than 10 patents are a clear sign that the company plans to use in future product development of inductive charging technology. The current widely used inductive charging technology, rely on the power transmission electromagnetic coil instead of radio waves.
many patents shows that over the past few years apple’s progress in this field. Patents, according to a variety of devices can act as the “power” in wireless charging solutions, for example, the built-in charging coil table, desktop charging base, and even a desktop or laptop, they can be used to recharge the iPhone or ipod. Between devicesMay even be able to charge each other, such as a full charge of the device for charging the iPhone, and vice versa. The advantages and disadvantages of
iOS 10.2.1
apple iOS 10.2.1 update, released this week to repair the vulnerability may disclose personal information, the new version can defend itself against a series of possible “devastating”. IOS 10.2.1 version described in a number of security holes, 11 of them are on Safari, app store and a large number of browser engine. When users click on a malicious link, the hackers gained access to the forbidden area. In addition, can also cause safety defectsThe application to the kernel permission to execute arbitrary code, directly to take over the equipment.
but which disappointed many 6/6 s iPhone users, iOS 10.2.1 did not repair the battery problem. This means that the user even upgrade to the latest version of the iOS 10.2.1, old models, including the iPhone 6 s, there is still a 30% “bugs” problem.
apple did publish the battery replacement program, but the equipment is limited to the iPhone 6 s involved, and in the process of change is often in a state of out of stock. There are still 30% BUG is refers to the equipmentUnder the condition of sufficient electricity, the iPhone will automatically power off. As Forbes website points out, iOS 10.2 30% in many cases contributed to the BUG, and iOS 10.2.1 did not bring any solution.
where is the competition?
in the latest issue of “Customer Loyalty Index” (Customer Loyalty Engagement Index) to identify, well-known apple blogger John Gruber (John Gruber) when it comes to apple needs strong market competition, let meThe company continues to remain cautious.
gruber pointed out that “today’s worries about the state of apple, is worried about whether the company’s leading edge in all areas may lead to complacency. I pointed out in the article 9 years ago, if apple face more competition in areas such as design, innovation, which is the better results. Today, I do think so. That is why I think the tesla is one of the rival apple needs to be taken seriously, even the company except with apple for the excellent talents, never directly compete directly with the company.”
Apple Watch shine
Market research company Kantar, reported that Apple Watch in the fourth quarter of last year accounted for 50% of the world’s smart Watch market share. Both Pebble, and the main Android Wear manufacturer, did not bring greater threat to apple.
Kantar stressed that Apple released last year by the September Watch promoted Apple Series 2 Watch overall sales. Apple Watch Series 2 has waterproof design and function of the global positioning system (GPS), and the phase Lesson WeChat Lucky Money shock to booking, WeChat zhikulive search attention, for the first time to snap up!

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