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The samsung Galaxy S8 news summary It is said that samsung is spelling this time digital _ _ tengxun net


[abstract] this is samsung devotes much effort, almost all of the new technology using the samsung Galaxy S8, will shoulder the help samsung to regain the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers “throne.
tencent digital dispatch (m) to say in the first half of this year’s most anticipated its flagship smartphone, the samsung’s Galaxy S8. Last year, after a Galaxy Note 7 after the “bang” ups and downs, samsung eventually overtaken by apple in the fourth quarter, the throne of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers.
it’s not only our commonDoor of the Galaxy S8 can expect very much, samsung himself for the Galaxy S8 is also concerned that no. And according to the current exposure, samsung couldn’t take all the latest technology used in the Galaxy S8. Which in the first half of 2017 star smartphone will bring us what surprise, we can let’s look at so far about the Galaxy S8 we know the news and rumors.

release time in the past three years in a row, samsung is a non mobile world congress in Barcelona on their latestThe Galaxy S series of its flagship smartphone. But by the law will not be lasted for 2017, the samsung wireless division President DJ Koh reason results in just the Galaxy Note 7 explosion conference, said during an interview with Reuters during this year’s MWC consumers will not be able to see the latest Galaxy S8.
DJ Koh has not further revealed that the Galaxy S8 a specific release date, but according to the previous rumor, the Galaxy S8 in New York will be postponed until April.
in fact about the Galaxy now has many of the design for the S8 clear photos, and credibility is quite high. But look from the photos, the Galaxy S8 accounts for the biggest characteristics is the ultra high screen than, and cancelled before the front of the Home button, and this is the Galaxy S8 one of the biggest changes.
in addition to the high proportion of screen and no Home button design, the entire Galaxy S8 still continues the Galaxy S7 surface side of the screen design, overall appearance level compared with the generation of the Galaxy on S7 and promoted a class.
in addition, except for the prototype photos about the Galaxy S8 design draft has been exposed. And we can see more from the draft of the Galaxy S8 design details. One of the most notable is the fuselage side button layout, in addition to the common power/wake button and the volume button, we see in the Galaxy of S8 + side also more than a physical buttons, and is widely seen as the key is specifically for the Galaxy on board of the S8 + Bixby voice assistant preparation. And users only need to press this button can quickly activate the voice of artificial intelligence to helpHand.
at the bottom, we see the opening of USB – C interface, as seen before news, of course, the 3.5 mm headphone jack still remains. In addition, from the point of view on the back of the camera position and the size of the hole is bigger, should be adopted dual cameras configuration. But it could also be to sensors and flash reserved space. The fingerprint identification

the rear from the point of view of the above photos, since the Galaxy S8 will abandon the physical Home button design, so for the location of the fingerprint sensor became our focus. And from the exposure of the Galaxy S8Protection shell open, the Galaxy of S8 fingerprint sensor can really moved to the back of the phone, but does not like other mobile phone is placed in the middle, but beside the camera.
but in addition to the fingerprint sensor, according to the Galaxy S8 would like Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with an iris scanner that allows the user to directly face “brush” unlock the phone. S

8 gb RAM is also according to the news from the supply chain, according to the next generation of samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 super memory will be equipped with 8 gb has said before, the Galaxy S8 will use a 6 gb memory and 256 gb of storage space, but due to the samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, new flagship in urgent need of a big screen to restore the loss of market share, so in the configuration will continue to ascend.

processor as new flagship samsung in 2017, the Galaxy S8 nature in the configuration is the industry’s top level. From supply chain, according to foreign news, samsung is the Galaxy S8 release time delayed to march, the listed time delay to April, mainlyBecause waiting for qualcomm Xiao dragon 835 flagship processor, and the first batch of samsung will even logoff qualcomm Xiao dragon 835 processor “buy all” light, led to competitors like LG G6 and HTC U Ultra flagship was forced to use smart Xiao dragon 821.
at present, the relationship between samsung and qualcomm has produced a lot of changes. Just two years ago, fearing that samsung qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 overheating problem and completely give up the cooperation with qualcomm, all use their own processor. Last year, samsung and qualcomm restore cooperation, in some countries the market use the Xiao dragon 820 models.
theA through the mass purchasing Xiao dragon 835, we see the relationship between the two companies have returned to normal again. Though samsung is a vendor products and electronic components are involved, but the Forbes speculated that this year, qualcomm will help samsung became the first pick up Xiao dragon 835 processor, which helps the Galaxy S8 help samsung to restore market confidence.
10 nm Xiao dragon 835 processor runs minute exposure
the Galaxy S8 adopted qualcomm latest 10 nm process Xiao dragon 835 processor, and the chip is expected to slowly become Android flag in 2017Ship mobile phone standard. The eight core chip is not just a simple performance, but in the optimal balance between power and performance.
model for MSM8998 Xiao dragon 835 edition of the Galaxy S8 running point result also appears in the Geekbench points on the website. This product is equipped with 4 gb of memory, on the performance temporarily occupies the Android model performance ranking first.
obviously Xiao dragon 835 high frequency here shows the power of a single core performance up to 2004 points. In the previous Geekbench performance on the list, the Galaxy to S7Single-core test 1785 points at the top of the list, this phone is Xiao dragon carrying 820 chip, dominant frequency of 1.6 GHz.
may be equipped with S Pen
before, only the Galaxy Note series tablet phone would support the S Pen, but with the Galaxy Note 7 “explosion door” make the original flagship samsung had high hopes of delisting in advance, so for samsung mobile phone users, seemed to lack the upgrade option. Therefore, samsung choose for the Galaxy S8 S Pen, should be to fill the GalaxyNote 7 delisted from market vacancy.
but according to sources, the Galaxy S8 will not will like Galaxy Note 7 S Pen is integrated in the design of the fuselage, after all, if the design with the Galaxy Galaxy S Note two big series flagship will produce a conflict, the S Pen will only as the Galaxy S8 official accessories for users to choose.
from this perspective, though samsung hopes for the Galaxy S8 with S Pen to save some of the Galaxy Note7 user loss retreat city, but should not let the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7 completely overlap, after all, their products between competing with each other, and is not a wise choice.
Bixby voice assistant
in the Galaxy of S8 many new features, new Bixby voice assistant one aspect is very notable. The giants such as amazon, Google, apple and Microsoft have already have their own artificial intelligence assistant, so samsung in this area should also accelerate the speed.
in Bixby function, there are many news was exposed. It is understoodIn the Galaxy S8 built-in camera application will add a special activation Bixby button, after activating this function to enter a search tools, and can automatically analyze any content taken by camera. Bixby can automatic image analysis processing, and identify the target and the text. So this function can better help us in browsing the web directly translate any language.
keep 3.5 mm headphone jack
the outside world for samsung will follow apple cancel 3.5 mm headset is very concerned about, but according to the current information from accessories business exposure, inThe Galaxy S8 on samsung will continue to keep 3.5 mm headphone jack, and use the USB Type – C interface. Generally speaking, the third party accessories factory is early to get a smart phone prototype as a mold to produce their own accessories, so this time in the Galaxy S8 before released this photo, basically has a higher accuracy.
battery capacity upgrade
according to the latest news from the south Korean media said that samsung battery supplier road map shows the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus the combination of the battery capacityThe Galaxy S7 combination more than before, respectively is 3250 mah and 3750 mah.
in addition, the Galaxy S8 combination will use the latest 10 nm technology product, so add more efficient screen technology, on the range, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus portfolio should be better than the Galaxy S7 combination has a certain degree of improvement.
with the Force Touch Touch technology
Force Touch is apple iPhone from 6 s began to use a screen technology, apple called 3 d Touch, it also includes some Android smartphones such as huawei also began to use the Force Touch technology, and it has been on sale in the market.
according to an anonymous source from samsung suppliers said the samsung is considered as the Galaxy S8 with Force feedback technology, Touch Touch but if the technology to mature and fully deployed, it’s also about 1 year or so, on the market all carried out Android smartphone manufacturers use this technology, also is only a matter of time. And aComponent department from samsung executives also said that in the near future samsung will use the technology in its own flagship. Despite popular Force in the low-end products Touch also need a certain amount of time, but the Galaxy S8 will likely become a samsung first equipped with the technology, the flagship smartphone.
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Uber will develop unmanned vehicles with Daimler _ _ tengxun net technology

BI have reported on February 1,
a taxi application granddaddy Uber will with German carmaker Daimler (Daimler) to create driverless cars, this also is Uber with traditional second big car companies for unmanned technology cooperation intention.
Travis, chief executive of Uber karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) on Tuesday announced through the blog, the parent company of mercedes-benz Daimler will build driverless cars for the company.
Uber has made cooperation with Volvo, its self-driving technology integrated into Volvo XC90 modelsAnd tested in San Francisco.
however, due to regulatory issues later, Uber test had to be moved to Arizona in San Francisco.
last year, Uber project unmanned test for the first time in Pittsburgh, using a hybrid (Ford Fusion) Ford car. However, Uber, a spokesman for the company have not yet been formally collaborating with ford, the current partner only Volvo and Daimler.
karan Nick said: “the car makers such as Daimler is critical for our strategy, because Uber has never had the experience of building cars.In fact, building cars is a very difficult task. This is why we don’t build a car, but I hope to cooperate with the world’s most excellent car companies. ”
in the field of unmanned, Daimler, which has made history, in 2015, the first to realize unmanned driving the truck on the highway. Uber was also interested in the field of driverless trucks, its last August acquired driverless trucks start-ups Otto. (compile/li)
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The holiday season booster apple earnings record again Keywords or iPhone_ _ tengxun net technology

article/tencent technology jonney
after three straight quarterly decline in revenue, apple’s latest quarter earnings finally “falling”. 31 apple released in 2017 in the first quarter, according to the results from September to December, 2016 in the quarter, revenue of $78.351 billion, up 3% from a year earlier. Chief executive Tim Cook said in this quarter, apple sold and apple iPhone, Macbook, service income watches are in the “record”.
however, a quarter of apple “falling” and can’t cover up the nextStill faces a series of challenges, earnings data shows, the world’s most valuable company performance is highly dependent on the iPhone, that a single product sales income proportion is as high as 70%, but interest for the latest and the most high-end models fall has begun to threaten the apple’s profit margins, in addition, the income of the fastest growing “service class” income share is still less than 10% total, the downward trend in emerging markets, including China, the income in the quarter still continue, and in formal trump was elected President of the United States, apple also faces a series of tax policy uncertainty risk, especially considering thatThe total income of more than 60% from overseas, thus accumulated huge amount of overseas cash flow back to the United States.
holiday season pushed earnings record Keywords is still the iPhone
after three straight quarterly decline in revenue, apple finally ushered in the new quarter’s earnings, in last September to December quarter, consumption during the holiday season, apple achieve revenue of $78.351 billion, up 3% year on year, earnings per share of $3.36, two indicators are the most optimistic than previous market expectations.
apple chief executive Tim CookThe results said in a statement, in the quarter, apple sold iPhone, services, Mac and apple watches are in the “record”.
the iPhone’s income is still well ahead of all other lines of business
the quarterly earnings, reflected the apple’s latest generation of products, including the iPhone 7, the latest version of the Macbook Pro and Airpod, among them, the sales of the iPhone is still occupied the main part of the total, up to nearly 70%, compared with the same period last year, iPhone sales increased 5%, altogetherSold 78 million. With the new Macbook Pro announcement, apple’s Mac line sales increased by 1% over the previous year, sales rose 7% from a year.
but in addition to the iPhone, Mac, apple’s other products performance are not optimistic. Tablet device to a 22% year-on-year decline in sales, and is listed as “other products” in the results of this category sales revenue fell 8%, the category products include apple watches, TV, Beats headphones, iPods and other accessories and other products, apple since 2015Apple new products Watch is still not in the results announced its sales figures alone.
by apple had high hopes of service revenue, including apple stores, payment, etc., the quarterly revenue grew by 18% year on year, is the fastest growing in apple all lines of business projects, among them, the apple store in the game is still a revenue accounted for the largest fine class, in the current quarter, for example, nintendo’s super Mario parkour game world has nearly 80 million downloads, nintendo said, of all the download, about 5% to pay $10 to unlock all levels. Although service class income have in 2016 as apple behind the biggest contribution income business beyond the iPhone, but its $7.17 billion in revenue in the quarter still only accounts for 6% of the total.
apple revenue growth each product category
apple earnings concern: behind the iPhone less attractive, emerging markets are still weak
although apple finally after three consecutive quarterly decline in revenue, finally surrendered to the world a good financial performance, but careful analysis we found that the world’s most valuable company, still faces big challenge in the future.
the first is the main products of apple,Accounted for nearly 70% of total revenue of the iPhone in the attraction of the consumer has not, iPhone sales this quarter year-on-year growth was only 5%, in contrast, in 2014, apple’s first big iPhone after the release of a quarterly sales rose by 46%, in 2012, after the release of quarterly sales rose by 29%.
another example can support new product less attractive to consumers come from a study of barclays, as the chart, the report pointed out that consumers are more willing to buy the iPhone 6 s foundationConfiguration, rather than cost more than $100 iPhone 7, namely in the iPhone products, outdated iPhone products, low prices, in proportion to the total sales of the iPhone is on the rise, the negative influence of it to apple is its profitability decline further. In this quarter, apple’s gross margin was 38.5%, and the number in the same period a year ago is over 40%, according to apple’s earnings release on the day of the next quarter’s earnings outlook guidance released at the same time, apple is expected to next quarter gross margin is between 38% and 39%. IPh
barclays study shows that the low endOne sales accounted for further increase
second, apple growth in recent years mainly depends on the emerging markets continue to weak, no longer provide boost for apple’s growth. In this quarter, apple’s sales continue to fall 12% year-on-year in the greater China region, mainly by the iPhone is influenced by the position to shake in the Chinese market, according to research firm Counterpoint survey released over the weekend, according to a report in 2016, the most popular models of apple iPhone 6 s market share of only 2%, ranking the first is the domestic handset Oppo R9, cityA share of 4%. This is also since 2012, apple iPhone dropped out of the best selling models for the first time. In addition, the yuan’s exchange rate depreciation for apple in China some influence on the performance.
in regional income growth conditions, the same was apple’s chief executive, Cook, relay in the Chinese market to become the second-largest market in the Indian market, more and more prove overvalued market potential, has forecast, according to apple iPhone sales in India for all of last year at 2500000 m.
in addition, formal trump was elected President of the United States, not for appleTo business performance also will produce a lot of influence, trump during the election campaign had declared that part of the science and technology company needs to pay the overseas income tax, and will be more manufacturing jobs back to the United States.
the apple is realized in this quarter’s $78.3 billion in revenue, 64% comes from overseas, the quarterly results also showed that apple’s cash reserves this season has been as high as $246.09 billion. Tim Cook said in a CNBC interview on the same day, will be for the United States and overseas cash into the United States apple is “good”, the latest news, according to a White House team to trumpAnd republican control of congress is the change of large companies overseas cash back to the rules of the United States.
apple chief executive Tim Cook believes that the iPhone available 7 will reverse the apple for the trend of the past three quarterly revenue fell continuously, although in the quarter, such a commitment to materialise.
but apple performance rely too much on the reality of the iPhone is not the slightest change, in the next quarter, as the outside world for the iPhone 7 further cooling heat is not high, the current situation of combined with the weak emerging market without any improvement, may continue to growAre much harder to continue, with all sorts of rumors for iPhone 8 begins to flow, the outside world has begun to focus on the importance of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone models 8 on the iPhone, is expected to officially debut this fall under this new models will be apple’s an important test.
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The ant gold take $880 million merger are to 2.4 billion people in the United States _ _ tengxun net technology

ant gold take $880 million mergers and acquisitions are 2 billion global users in the United States will use Chinese mobile payment
dispatch of tencent technology (Sun Hongchao) the United States on January 26, local time, the ant gold suit are declared with the well-known global remittance service company (MoneyGram) an agreement, will be about $880 million for mergers and acquisitions.
as well-known remittance service company in the world, are founded in 1940, headquartered in Dallas, branches in more than 30 countries, and in more than 200 countries and regions in the world, with 200Network. Are possessed of good partnership with world bank and its fast remittance can make money through about 2.4 billion accounts, including wal-mart, CVS pharmacy, the post office, Canada post and Express the ACE Cash is its important cooperative partner.
after the two sides reached agreement, the merger and acquisition also needs the are shareholders and relevant regulators approved, is expected to m&a process in the second half of the year is complete.
ant gold suit CEO well xian said, “to the global consumers provide digital pratt & Whitney in the process of financial services,Selection and are hand in hand is a very important step, this is not only based on the business hand in hand, more is that both sides on the concept of fit, believe that cooperation between the two sides will produce chemical reaction, let consumers around the world and small micro enterprise, continue to enjoy a more convenient and safe financial services, for global small micro economic vitality. ”
according to the agreement, after completion of the merger and acquisition, are as the ant gold suit’s independent unit operation, its existing brand and team will still be in place, and will continue to improve. Well xian said, are one of the biggest advantage is to haveWorld class staff, “we continue to focus on training are well known for its high quality customer service team, and create more jobs for America.” At present, are has 3000 employees around the world.
are CEO Alex, Holmes said the ant gold service is an ideal partner, are the ant gold take leading global mobile payment technology will make the global remittances are ability to a higher level more, make the global agent are better able to serve its useHouseholds, “we will work together to expand our business, and for more people and their loved ones in the world to establish a safe, reliable and equal financial ties.”
, according to the service according to data provided by the ant ant gold and its strategic partners Paytm service in China, India, a total of more than 630 million users, are connected to the global 2.4 billion accounts. The merger is completed, means that the business will complement each other, later, people from all countries will be more convenient when cross-border shopping, remittances, Chinese enterprises’ cross-border funds will also have more secure and convenient channel.

Jan 28

The iPhone this week and there are so many rumors: wireless charging close _ _ tengxun net technology

tencent technology editor’s note 】 【 Forbes website on Saturday released this week’s “Apple” (Apple Loop), it reviews the week’s news for Apple. Content covers the flexible display technology, the newest iPhone 8 news, iOS 10.2.1 details, thinking about Apple’s lack of competition, Apple smart Watch Watch at the end of last year’s holiday shopping season success and so on.
apple circle, the purpose of the release, in order to make users master the key events of the past seven days apple.
the iPhone or using the flexible screen

the iPhone will appear after eight? There is no doubt that with other smartphone makers, apple has tried to look. From the Wall Street journal reported that Japan’s display, have the deep relationship with apple, the Japanese company built for the iPhone display. Japan has announced that they will begin to produce ductile screen display company. Samsung and LG have invested a lot of effort on the science and technology, now apple’s component suppliers also confirmed in this game, so new iPhone adopt surface toughness display is not impossible.
last yearIn November, apple for the iPhone patent application for the folding of exposure. That is to say apple is also think about going into the army in the field, plus Japan display company will begin to produce ductile display, so the iPhone the possibility of using the material of the panel is great. It is worth mentioning that toughness has a slightly different screens and folding screen, ordinary users still need to wait for a period of time to usher in folding equipment.
if the technology used in the upcoming iPhone, provides a flexible panel reduces the likelihood of display impact damage. Considering the iPhone sales than a yearOver 100 million units, this technology can reduce the iPhone warranty repairs. It can provide new design options for apple watches, make the shape of the screen to adopt more wearable device. Or it could be used for virtual reality helmet, better use of the surrounding screen which satisfy the user’s visual experience.
wireless charging and iPhone
8 8 will be how to charge the iPhone? Have been stories in the past few months, according to apple iPhone this year for the first time on 8 equipped with wireless charging function, and today a new report from the suppliers once again confirms the claim. According to theCommercial age magazine reported that Taiwanese component manufacturers from China lite-on semiconductor company has become the iPhone 8 large a new member of the supply chain, and component is provided by lite-on the rectifier used for wireless charging component. Lite-on is a 42 years old consumer electronic components manufacturers, products include LED, display and CD/DVD drive.
believe that relies on an apple iPhone enormous influence, this time the new add wireless charging function, will make the whole wireless charging industry disruptive change. Based on earlier rumors, apple has been working with Energous company to develop a kind of can within 15 feet (4.5 meters) distance can be wireless charging technology, which for the current need for equipment against the base of the wireless charging technology, is undoubtedly a great progress.
a market Research firm Copperfield Research in recently published Research report, this paper expounds the apple plans to use in future product independent development of inductive charging technology. Copperfield Research thought, apple since 2013 to apply for inductive charging more than 10 patents are a clear sign that the company plans to use in future product development of inductive charging technology. The current widely used inductive charging technology, rely on the power transmission electromagnetic coil instead of radio waves.
many patents shows that over the past few years apple’s progress in this field. Patents, according to a variety of devices can act as the “power” in wireless charging solutions, for example, the built-in charging coil table, desktop charging base, and even a desktop or laptop, they can be used to recharge the iPhone or ipod. Between devicesMay even be able to charge each other, such as a full charge of the device for charging the iPhone, and vice versa. The advantages and disadvantages of
iOS 10.2.1
apple iOS 10.2.1 update, released this week to repair the vulnerability may disclose personal information, the new version can defend itself against a series of possible “devastating”. IOS 10.2.1 version described in a number of security holes, 11 of them are on Safari, app store and a large number of browser engine. When users click on a malicious link, the hackers gained access to the forbidden area. In addition, can also cause safety defectsThe application to the kernel permission to execute arbitrary code, directly to take over the equipment.
but which disappointed many 6/6 s iPhone users, iOS 10.2.1 did not repair the battery problem. This means that the user even upgrade to the latest version of the iOS 10.2.1, old models, including the iPhone 6 s, there is still a 30% “bugs” problem.
apple did publish the battery replacement program, but the equipment is limited to the iPhone 6 s involved, and in the process of change is often in a state of out of stock. There are still 30% BUG is refers to the equipmentUnder the condition of sufficient electricity, the iPhone will automatically power off. As Forbes website points out, iOS 10.2 30% in many cases contributed to the BUG, and iOS 10.2.1 did not bring any solution.
where is the competition?
in the latest issue of “Customer Loyalty Index” (Customer Loyalty Engagement Index) to identify, well-known apple blogger John Gruber (John Gruber) when it comes to apple needs strong market competition, let meThe company continues to remain cautious.
gruber pointed out that “today’s worries about the state of apple, is worried about whether the company’s leading edge in all areas may lead to complacency. I pointed out in the article 9 years ago, if apple face more competition in areas such as design, innovation, which is the better results. Today, I do think so. That is why I think the tesla is one of the rival apple needs to be taken seriously, even the company except with apple for the excellent talents, never directly compete directly with the company.”
Apple Watch shine
Market research company Kantar, reported that Apple Watch in the fourth quarter of last year accounted for 50% of the world’s smart Watch market share. Both Pebble, and the main Android Wear manufacturer, did not bring greater threat to apple.
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Jan 25

Sprint took over Tidal one-third stake in $200 million Involved in streaming music market _ _ tengxun net technology

Re/code assigned on January 24
the famous American rapper jay-z and streaming music service for themselves Tidal to find a new owner. But he close to their goals.
the wireless operator Sprint said on Monday that the company has acquired Tidal one-third of the shares. Tidal and Sprint trading did not provide details, saying only that Sprint users “will be able to enjoy the contents of exclusive artist on the Tidal,” and Sprint’s chief executive, marcelo g unquestioned (MarcelO ClaureTidal) will join the board of directors of the Tidal. Billboard, Sprint to the equity of $200 million for the third Tidal, means that the latter valued at $600 million.
sell jay-z Tidal for at least a year. Samsung electronics has previously consider acquiring Tidal, finally chose to give up the deal. After the Sprint equity stakes in a third Tidal, many industry insiders agree that the transaction logic to Sprint capable of holding Tidal in the future.
JAYTidal Z was reasonable. In 2015 $56 million acquisition of the Swedish Aspiro streaming music company, jay-z entered the streaming music industry. But all of the company is currently in streaming music industry are at a loss. For companies like apple, amazon, can use music to promote other products, so the loss of which have no; For like Pandora and services like large streaming music service providers, because get the support of many investors, so temporary losses are also affordable.
but TIdal belongs to jay-z and scale is still small, although the company claims to have 3 million subscribers, but the data is controversial. In this case, for Tidal buyers, or to sell stakes in the company’s cash, is a very wise choice.
Sprint in streaming music market is not so surprising. Sprint, the parent of softbank has been enamored of music business, and softbank has tried to buy universal music, the world’s largest record companies.
as you can imagine, more than a year of practice in the future, Jay Z will all the Tidal residual stocksRight to sell the Sprint, the latter will consider the development of Tidal problem themselves.
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Jan 24

Apple can copy the “Chinese” growth in India? Difficult! _ _ tengxun net of science and technology

BI have reported on October 26,
it is difficult to put the apple falling from the India of the momentum.
on Tuesday, apple released its 2016 fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, earnings, according to apple’s fiscal fourth quarter was $46.852 billion, $51.501 billion over the same period last year fell 9%. Net income was $9.014 billion, $11.124 billion over the same period last year fell 19%. Apple’s fiscal 2016 revenue of $217 billion, on revenue of $233.7 billion last year, fell 9%, this is apple recently for the first time in 15 yearsThe condition of the decline in annual revenue.
after the earnings conference call, apple’s chief executive Tim Cook (Tim Cook) of the company has a positive attitude in India market development prospect. India is the world’s second largest smartphone market, in the eyes of the cook, the Indian market to apple’s future prospects are better.
cook said, “the 2016 fiscal year, our iPhone sales in India market by more than 50% increase over the previous fiscal year, we believe that we just started knocking on the corner of the vast market in the future we will increase in the marketLong opportunity. ”
however, we should clearly recognize that the Indian market does not change the fate of apple’s revenue quickly.

India is not the next China apple did not release the Indian market. The specific sales data but, according to market research firm Counterpoint think apple’s fiscal 2016 iPhone shipments below 2.5 million units in India market, but still greatly exceeded 2015 in fiscal 1.6 million, which grew by 55% year on year, however, that compared with apple’s global sales, market sales of the iPhone in India is a piece of cake. Want to knowWay, only in the fourth quarter, apple iPhone’s global sales reached 45.5 million units.
all in all, so far, apple’s iPhone sales have three consecutive quarter year-on-year decline, while India markets may not be able to save apple look this weakness.
Counterpoint Neil Shah, director of the company’s research (Neil Shah) to BI said that India is a huge market, the country’s mobile phone sales of 250 million units a year — but only 125 million are smart phones, and the average price of mobile phones is only $125. The

the Indian mobile phone market is not mature, high-end smartphones in the market every year sales may only 8 million units to 10 million units, compared with neighboring China market, this of course is dwarfed. Data show that apple mobile phone sales in the Chinese market each year up to 60 million units.
however, apple’s latest iPhone income has been declining in the Chinese market. Shah said that all people want to “lay eggs” in different basket, so have expressed strong interest in India market, but you know, India’s market environment is not yet mature.
shah said, “if you haveFrom $80 to $80 portfolio of products, so for you, India will be a very good market. If you are the apple, and your flagship phone fare is $600, that the market for sure doesn’t suit you. ”
India users to buy the iPhone, but just want to buy cheap version
the Indian market is under development, so the apple may welcome some opportunity, as long as the play of the brand.
shah is expected, by 2018, India will be close to 400 million the number of smartphone users, some users might frequently upgrade their smart phones. WithoutFor several years, these users for apple, will be a good opportunity. Shah said that “apple can’t ignore the Indian market, potential customers may ‘to’ Google Android ecosystem (weibo), and not willing to change the platform.”
however, by 2018, India’s high-end smartphone market size should be expanded significantly – annual sales could reach 40 million units to 50 million units. If apple can account for 60% of the market, it means that apple’s annual iPhone sales in India market will reach 20 million units to 30000000 units, compared with the company at the current size of the market in India, but compared with the Chinese market, is still less than half.
shah believes that for apple, the most sensible measures is the introduction of beauty a money and cheap affordable mobile phones, specifically for markets such as India. If apple could produce more cheap iPhone in emerging markets, then it will be able to pursue scale effect, and then through the company’s services to drive revenue growth, after all, the service is also increasingly focus on the areas of apple. Shah said, “the apple must find ways to launch better product mix, and formulate a reasonable price. ”
what’s interesting is that apple’s sales of equipment is not necessarily a particularly modern products. Shah said that apple’s iPhone in 45% of India’s market sales is the iPhone 5 s or lower configuration of the iPhone, in the Indian market, users want to buy the iPhone, but only willing to buy cheap iPhone.
smartphones potential in India will not be too big
the cook had admitted, although has certain potential India market, but if you want to reach high level like China or other markets, there are still some way to go. In April this year, the cook had said,” the Indian market salesSmartphone is given priority to with low-end products, this is mainly because the network and the economic environment is not mature, so also is not very large market potential. “He said.” I think the Indian mobile phone market is likely to be China’s seven to ten years ago, as a result, from this perspective, the Indian market does have a certain potential. ”
as apple’s fiscal 2016 revenue decline for the first time appeared in recent 15 years, some investors and analysts are beginning to question apple’s future growth will come from where. Apple clearly see the potential of the Indian market, and want to maximize the tap into this potential.
but anyway, India market is still unable to be apple’s next in the Chinese market, cannot replace the status of the Chinese market in apple’s strategy.
the following is a cook in today’s earnings call opening a passage about the Indian market, he said, “look to the future, we will see some exciting India market development prospect. India’s largest 4 g operator Reliance Jio in India market will launch the first of the whole IP network services, and will put the 4 g services cover the whole 18000 cities and 18000 villages in India. They will be to buy the new iPhone smartphone users with a free of chargeYears of service, we will work with them, to ensure that the iPhone has excellent performance in their network. In fiscal year 2016, our iPhone sales in India market grew 50% above than last fiscal year, we believe that in this huge market, we did not touch the tip of the iceberg, the future market opportunities will increase. ”
this is cook and citigroup global markets LTD analyst James d. Suva (James d. Suva) a question-and-answer dialogue between. Suva questioning,” Tim, Peng you mentioned just now about the Indian market, we have beenDo a lot of work, discusses the issue of India’s market opportunities. We talked about the India residents’ disposable income and a lot of similar problems, however, India’s large population, you can have your comments? You’d think India someday can be more like the Chinese market opportunities? At first glance, the legal system seems to have stopped you to enter the Indian market to a great extent, but seemed to have changed it seems now. Can you tell us about the company in the Indian market more clear strategy? ”
the cook said,” for India market, I think it is essential that not only to see itPer capita income, but also to see the country in the next 10 years will go into the middle class population, as well as the population ages. If you look at India, you will find that about half of the people are under the age of 25, so you will get a very large group of young users.
overall, India’s smartphone sales market is relatively general, however, one of the most important reason is that the infrastructure has not developed to the degree of maturity. But this year, there will be a lot of investment into the field of 4 g, we will feel more happy, because it will produce a high quality network, so that get the iPhone usersChang Haode experience. So, I see a lot of factors are moving in the right direction. I also think that the government will pay more attention to the infrastructure and create jobs, this is very attractive, because you do need such infrastructure and technology to achieve these goals.
as for the Indian market can develop China as large size, I think that India’s population will be over the next decade or so more than China’s, or with China. India’s GDP, I believe, if you want to go beyond China, it also need more time, but it will not be harmful to our success in the Indian market. In fact, there will be a large number of users and a large number of the middle stage of users really need a smart phone, I think, we can gain some competitive advantage. In our opinion, the Indian market for the company, there are still plenty of room for growth, so we will try to seize these opportunities. “(compile/Jin Quan)
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Nov 07

Japan’s new media artist daito Manabe: AR, AI, virtual reality and create a drone at the junction of Art

139902511In 2016 the Tencent held WE conference theatre in Beijing north, Tencent Inc chief officer of David Wallerstein, to explore the singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis et al to the meeting and delivered a speech on the air, gravitational waves, science and art, AR and other cutting-edge topics.

Japan’s new media artist, software engineer daito Manabe shows including UAV, virtual reality, CG technology in today’s hottest in science and technology conference, and combined with the results of art.
Cooperate with friends in daito Manabe company Rhizomatiks is Japan’s top design company, the company uses the human body sensor, UAV, camera image seamless technology MV creation, stage decoration etc..
AR creation is the focus of the company’s business. Rhizomatiks will combine AR and 3D scan, CG, and Perfume teamed up with Japan’s group, at kouhaku utagassen, American south southwest Music Festival and other occasions, to bring the visual feast for the audience.
Daito Manabe said the team will first on the scene with a laser scanning, and then as the data preserved, finally realize the seamless connection of image. “We’re creating the boundaries of reality and virtual reality”.
In addition, the company is also trying to use the UAV production performance. Daito Manabe UAV control system is introduced, it is not easy to start, at the same time, they have 3 sets of UAV with the actors on the same stage, and later extended to 24. The first company daito Manabe said the drone creation also try holding the mentality, “we are trying to free the organic combination of human and human”.
Not long ago, Rhizomatiks on the use of this technology, together with the Japanese combination of Perfume, in an American TV show for the audience to offer a UAV dance performances, popular.
Rhizomatiks is for children, high school and college students held a number of workshops, for example in the man-machine work for college students in the workshop, the company has prepared 3 day courses for students, and let students use the knowledge creation.
Daito Manabe said, the future Rhizomatiks will also give artificial intelligence and VR, CG, UAV fusion, are more creative and artistic creation. “What’s interesting about it is that what you imagine is very different from what is finally presented.”

Aug 18

New electricity supplier sore point: the shopping cart 70% bought goods had not been paid


Increasingly popular in the world of e-commerce, retail sites also face challenges, especially how to get Internet users in the wide range of commodities, quickly find their own desirable commodity.
According to research technology news site BusinessInsider America’s Financial Intelligence Unit BIIntelligence, and the other is called a “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon, increasingly sparked anxiety electricity supplier website – commodity finally by the user into a shopping cart, but eventually abandoned, or not closing.
For the general public is concerned, this is a very common phenomenon. Entity shopping, people can choose another election. In the electricity supplier website into the shopping cart of goods, swing and hesitation, and not necessarily the final payment of commodity buyers.
This think tank forecast data show that this year, the global electricity supplier website abandoned shopping cart of goods worth $ 400 million, and if the retail site takes a little effort, of which 63% may be re-checkout consumer purchase.
Allegedly, BIIntelligence tier of global electricity supplier through the website, access to these data.
This think tank’s report, “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon, is increasing. With the online shopping population gradually shifted to mobile shopping, this phenomenon will continue.
2013, about 74 percent of shopping cart (a one shopping generate) by netizens abandoned. In contrast, the proportion of 2012 and 2011 were 72% and 69%.
Shopping cart of goods not paid the settlement does not mean that users no longer need this product, for retailers, these products have not yet entered the “lost sales” category.
According to the professional company SeeWhy survey had abandoned shopping carts in merchandise online shopping experience family, three-quarters of people said that the store will still be returned or shop in the future, to purchase these commodities have been abandoned again.
Of course, compared to physical stores, online retailers want to be discarded shopping cart re-settlement, a single channel, is more difficult.
This think tank reports that retailers actually have multiple means to recover forgotten in the shopping cart sales, further simplifying network platforms such as payment and settlement processes, in addition to those abandoned shopping cart users, by e-mail be a gentle reminder.
According to research specialist Listrak, and after leaving the electricity supplier a consumer Web site three hours, send him an email if four percent of the recipients will read the message content, two percent of the recipients will click View cart unpaid merchandise.
An abandoned shopping carts, in fact hides a huge valuable information, such as why online shoppers have abandoned a good selection of merchandise, the products in question, or the online shopping process issues? Brand or product does not have enough appeal and loyalty.
This think tank pointed out that in-depth analysis online shopping cart (including abandoned) data software and technology, will be a worthwhile investment fields.

Aug 16

Ten Square refute false rumors: No one says to postpone the listing

Mobile payment company Square blog published on Thursday refuted the top ten on the company’s quality of service of false rumors, including customer defects and difficulties encountered, such as the main business. Square hopes to make the reader believe that the various measures taken by the company currently are for the future development of Charge.
Earlier this year, foreign media have reported that, due to the huge losses suffered when Square is considering various strategic options including the sale, including. Just a few days ago, Amazon also introduced a mobile payment service called Amazon Local Register of goals against Square. So, Square had published blog to refute some of the false rumors in the market.
The following is the full text of this blog:
Now, there are many false reports about the Square on the market. We list the top ten bad rumor, and one by one to refute.
1. Square’s service fee is too expensive
Not true. We only charge a one-time low fee for each transaction, but businesses also can get free inventory management, sales, invoicing and e-commerce solutions and other services. If revenues larger scale, we can also provide fee-based services tailored to the customer based on the actual situation. In addition, we do not have any hidden charges.
2. Square unsafe
We strictly protect customer data, because the data is precisely the foundation of our business development. Square comply with the Payment Card Industry (Payment Card Industry) security standards. Our credit card and payment process each transaction are closely monitored. You can learn more about Square security on our Web site.
3. Square no customer service or telephone sales support
We are your partner and look forward to ask your service at any time. Square customers can at any time by phone, Email and Twitter contact us. Our website support center has many articles, recommendations and videos.
4. Square only for Small Business Service
Our services cover almost all business objects. Square Register offers include inventory tracking, a variety of specialized business schedules and powerful analysis tools, including to help customers streamline operational processes.
5. Square business encounter difficulties
Like you, we are a growth-oriented enterprises. Your investment is to have a better future, we also true. We have sufficient funds, and these funds are spent wisely: for example, for the recruitment and development of new products. Those reports about our company or to postpone the sale of the company listed are unfounded. We have taken various measures are for the future development of Charge.
6. Square charge hidden fees
Square does not charge any hidden fees, we do not use in the form of contract to lock customers. We deal with all kinds of costs roughly the same payment card transactions. No matter the amount of your credit card spending how much, credit card costs are the same. It’s that simple.
7. Square benefit from the use of trade disputes
Safety is always the first principle Square upheld. We have been very vigilant in protecting the interests of buyers and sellers, and for any unusual transactions phenomenon closely monitored. We will not benefit from the use of trade disputes. We will not freeze in the process of customer funds in resolving disputes.
8. Square just a reader
We offer a complete set of integrated tools to customers to help them optimize their business operations. We are able to offer a few on the market will pay up contact with customers other business services. Customers can be done on your own Square Dashboard send electronic receipts, manage inventory, track sales trends, the online order to embed their own websites as well as scheduling and other tasks.
9. Square unreliable
Square Reader reader and Square Stand merchant cash register systems are specifically designed with customer demand function, which ensures their efficient and reliable in the payment process. If your Wi-Fi network, or do you sometimes can not suddenly break the Internet, you can also use our line mode (Offline Mode). We have also been continuously improved product appearance, product features to match it with. Square Reader is the thinnest on the market is currently a mobile card reader, and Square Stand is harvested Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) recently selected the 2014 IDEA Award for excellence in industrial design.
10. Square only supports Apple products
Square supports iPhone, iPad and many Android devices.srtxt_20140816